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Aesthetic Medicine Awards

Kelly Morrell has been selected as a finalist in the

Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2024

for Hair Restoration Practitioner of the Year.

Aesthetic awards hair restoration practitioner of the year finalist_edited.png
Sarah Vine Femail podcast

Sarah Vine Femail Half Hour

Kelly Morrell chats to Sarah Vine in her Femail half hour podcast about Scalp Micropigmentation, the emotional affects of hair loss, Calecim Advanced hair system and more.

Daily Mail Fix thinning hair

Daily mail September 2023

Can anything fix thinning hair? Three journalists try various products and treatments for hair loss and thinning hair. Scalp Confidential is featured using Calecim Advanced hair system and Trichotest.

Daily Mail Fix thinning hair

Scalp Confidential In the Press

Decision making in Aesthetic practice Dr Vincent Wong

Decision making in Aesthetic Practice.
The Right procedures for the right patients.

Kelly Morrell's contribution to Chapter 10, Hair and Scalp.

Showcasing AQ Hair Complex and Scalp Micropigmentation for help with hair loss, along with PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments.

Harley Street Emporium Blogs

Kelly Morrell guest blogs several subjects; Surgery tourism, Hair transplants and what can really help thinning hair, and hair loss in menopause.

Harley Street Emporium
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