Scalp Micropigmentation

From £600 to £3,500

A form of medical grade tattooing where tiny dots are placed on the scalp where needed to help camouflage hair loss, thinning hair & scarring and to provide the illusion of density.


From £1,300

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy uses your own blood to help stimulate weak, struggling hair follicles.

AQ Hair Complex

£1,500 to £3,500

AQ hair Complex from AQ Skin Solutions helps to stimulate and nourish weak, struggling hair follicles using patented growth factor technology.

Bespoke treatment plan

From £3,000

A bespoke treatment plan can be created to help with your specific hair concerns.

Blood Test


A private blood test specifically aimed at helping to rule out or identify any underlying causes of your thinning hair and hair loss concerns.

Calecim Professional

From £1,500 to £3,500

Calecim Professional Mesotherapy is used to help weak and struggling hair follicles. Using patented stem cell derived growth factors.

Viviscal Professional

From £180.00

Clinically proven hair growth supplements, used to help feed and nourish the hair from within. Boasting over 10 published clinical trials and backed by 25 years of research.

LED, Red light Therapy

Courses from £400 

LED or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing and stimulate blood circulation to the scalp.



A DNA test to help determine the cause of hair loss or hair thinning by analysing an individuals genetic variations.


£50 - £150

The consultation fee covers the time with each hair specialist or Doctor to get an in depth understanding of your specific hair needs and to provide a wealth of advice and information.

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