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About Scalp Confidential

Scalp Confidential was set up in 2017 by Kelly Morrell with a view to offer an array of specialists for all hair loss concerns. Whether you need a hair transplant surgeon, a doctor specialising in PRP, a Trichologist or a specialist in Scalp Micropigmentation, we have an expert ready to help.

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Hair loss causes

Hair loss or hair thinning is multifactorial. There are a number of different conditions that affect the hair and scalp such as genetics, hormonal issuses, menopause, thyroid conditions, inflammation, vitamin and mineral  deficiency, over colouring, styling and processing and many more. We offer an indepth consultation to help identify the underlying causes and contributing factors, plus genetic and blood testing to help develope the correct treatment or mangement plan for you.

Hair loss conditions

We aim to treat or refer for every hair loss concern. We can help with an array of issues such as male and female pattern hair loss, scarring alopecia, alopecia areata, traction alopecia, hair loss associted with trauma and injuries, such as trauma scars or surgical scaring from a previous transplant and vitamin and mineral deficiency among others.

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